Austin was born on August 1985 in El Cajon, California, known as “The Big Box Valley” and “The Corners” which in history was the agrarian heartland and communications center of San Diego County.  He grew up in this town drawing cartoons characters and painting for fun. His hobbies are singing, lifting weights and exploring new restaurants.

His love and passion for art transformed when he studied Architecture and graduated on 2009.  He practiced his profession as an Architectural Designer for eight years.  Despite of his success in his career, he felt that it wasn’t really the type of art that he actually wanted to pursue.  So, he took it to the next level along with a couple of art classes, in 2016 he earned his license as a “Body Arts Practitioner”, a technical term for a Tattoo Artist.  It was the turning point of his life, he gets to do what you he loves to do and getting paid doing it. 

When Austin first picked up his tattoo machine, he knew that tattoo would change his career forever.  Just like it had been with his Architectural Design career before, Austin wanted to get perfect at his craft.  He specialized in Portraits, Photo Realism, Black & Gray and Color Realism Tattoos, but he can do almost everything else. Because of the quality of his works, he was featured in two popular Tattoo Magazines.  No need for any more praising, his massive gallery of tattoo works will definitely speak for himself without a single word.  

With Austin’s artistic nature, his talent continuous to evolve and his eagerness to grow in his trademark style made him more of a dynamic artist that can do even large-scale tattoos. Today, Austin is extremely humbled by the love and support of his friends and family as well as his loyal customers. His hard works, dedication, passion and positive attitude are the driving force of his ambition to become one of the greatest tattoo artist of all time.